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Peru Organic Grade 1 (ongebrand)

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Kenmerken: zacht, noterig, organisch


Eerlijke, organische arabica uit Peru. Zeer unieke smaak met hinten van cederhout en noten. Medium body en aciditeit.

Extra info:
Cusco is a region located in the south part of the country and borders with Ucayali region in
the north, Madre de Dios and Puno on the east, Arequipa on the south and Apurímac,
Ayacucho and Junín on the west. The capital of the region, also called Cusco, was once the
capital of the Inca empire. Our Peru Organic grade 1 is grown on the highlands of the
Convención valley in the Quillabamba province in the north of the Cusco region.
Quillabamba is crossed by two vast mountain ranges: the Urupampa and the Willkapampa.
La Convención valley has a strong tradition on growing coffee, where Ashaninka,
Machiguenga, Yine and Quechua ethnic groups make of this crop their way of living.

• Cultivation area: La Convención Valley, Quillabamba
• Growing altitude: 1200 to 2020 m.a.s.l.
• Shade is used 95% of the time.
• Botanical variety: Typica 90%, Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon
• Processing: washed
• Picking: by hand due to the slopes on the growing region
• Soil: extremely varied due to the vast amounts of mountains covering the country
• Climate: warm weather with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius
• Flowering: October to November
• Harvest Period: June To December
• Number of defects: until 15 no primary defects per 300 grams