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Natural coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural
Natural coffee

Kenmerken: zacht, microlot, floraal, filter, natural


Dit microlot uit Ethiopië werd in tegenstelling tot de meeste koffies niet gewassen en gefermenteerd om de bes te verwijderen. In tegenstelling daarvan werd de bes gedroogd in de zon voor een aantal weken. Het is dit proces dat de boon haar unieke smaak geeft. Dit proces heeft ook een grote invloed op de aankoopprijs van de boon omdat alles langer duurt en meer arbeid nodig heeft.


Location: Kochere is a mountainous region in Southern Ethiopia (South of Yirgacheffe) Region: Southern Nations and Nationalities and peoples Region
Altitude: 1,800 to 2,000 meters
Coffee type: Unwashed Arabica Grade 1
Soil Type: Red loam, fertile rich in necessary nutrients
Shade Trees: Acacia, Cordia, Sesbania
Rainfall: Annual Rainfall is between 1,300 and 1,800 mi
Temperature: 18-22°C
Crop period: From November up to January
Area covered by coffee: More than 5,000 hectares


Coffee is traditionally a major source of income for the inhabitants of Kochere. Locating south of Yirgacheffe, Kochere benefits from a very favourable eco-system for the production of high-quality arabica. The coffee produced in Kochere has long been known to be among the finest of Ethiopia.

Coffee production: Coffee is produced by small coffee growers. The coffee farms are usually located near the villages, where the coffee growers and their families live. For this reason, Kochere coffee can be described as ”garden coffee”. Coffee growers only use organic fertilizers, like compost and humus, to enhance the quality of their coffee. They also use mulching to conserve soil moisture.

Harvesting: When red coffee cherries are ripe, they are carefully handpicked and immediately taken to a near-by coffee market to be sold. The cherries are then dry processed. Usually it takes 5 to 6 rounds of hand-picking to complete harvesting during a crop season.

Processing: In contrast to the Washed Kochere, the red cherries are not first pulped and then naturally fermented in water tanks. Instead, the harvested coffee is immediately sundried on “beds”. Then the peel and parchment are removed.


Nice body, subtle acidity and sweetness. This amazing microlot is the result of the careful selection and preparation of coffee beans by the Quality Department of KURU.

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