Indonesië Flores Island Organic 250g

Indonesië Flores Island Organic 250g



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Koffie die gegroeid wordt op het eiland Flores in Indonesië op vulkanische bodem. De boon zet een koffie met goede body en lage aciditeit. 

Extra info:
The Indonesia Flores robusta is a wonderful smooth, gentle coffee with a clean and balanced
cup. The coffee is produced on the island of Flores, about 500 kilometres east of Bali. The island of
Flores (or Flower) got its name by the Portuguese who were mesmerized by the beautiful coral
gardens that surround the island. Flores lies very close to Komodo, the island famous for its Komodo
dragon; the world’s largest lizard.

Replete with both active and inactive volcanoes which created fertile soils ideal for organic coffee
production, in recent years Flores has become known as source of soft robusta coffees and high
quality arabicas. The main production areas on the island are the highlands of the districts of
Manggarai and Ngada, at altitudes between 400 and 1,000 metres for the robustas and 1,000 to
1,600 in the case of arabicas. Almost all coffee is produced by smallholders and picking of the berries
is only done by hand. The coffee plants are well protected from the fierce sun. Tall Erythrina- or
Albizia trees provide the well-needed shade. The harvest period is between the months of
July/August until October/November. The island of Flores regretfully has no international port. The
coffee from Flores is first brought to Java-based exporters who process the coffee to export quality
after which the coffee is shipped from Surabaya to destinations worldwide.

The Flores robusta is a dry-processed (natural) coffee that fits ideally in a blend bringing in
a soft ‘bite’ and some magical crema. The light green / light brown beans with their typical robusta
shape have a screen of 14-16.

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