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A fine quality Robusta that is most popular in an espresso blend as a reliable builder of body, aroma and fruited complexities
As in most countries, India processes coffee by the wet (or washed) and dry (natural or unwashed) methods.

India, however, uses a unique nomenclature for its coffees. Washed Arabica beans are known in India as Plantation (not to be confused with estate coffees), while washed Robusta beans are referred to as Parchment (not to be confused with coffee in Pergamino). Natural Arabica and Robusta beans are both known as Cherry

Country: India

Screen Size: Grade AB (min 90% of screen 15 up ( diameter in mm : + 6.00)

Bean Appearance: Mixed colour finish, denoting process
Acidity: Low to medium
Body: Bold, high, full
Aroma: Woody and Spicy
Flavour: Intense fruit and roasted nut, notes of dark cocoa
Roast: Medium to high
Harvest Period: mostly January to March
Process: Natural
Producers: collection of small farms
Sorting: machine-cleaning + hand-picking.

Origin: majorly grown in the southern federal states, in particular the State of Karnataka and the Wayanad Area in the State of Kerala

Altitude: 700-1,200m/1,400m above sea level Rainfall: 1300 mm annually

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